Instant Gamble Verification

Instant Gamble Rules

1. Choose % to Gamble instantly on the deposit page [click here]
2. Deposit Bitcoins to your Bit777 deposit address [click here]
3. If the Gamble is won, the bonus is automatically credited to your account (-1% commission). If the Gamble is lost, the set % is withheld from your deposit

 - The Gamble is active for all consecutive deposits, unless switched off by the user
 - The maximum Gamble is 1 BTC, 10 LTC, 100 PPC/NMC/ANC/NXT, 500 FTC, 1000000 DOGE

How the Instant Gamble works:

After you set a %, the system will enter standby mode, awaiting your next deposit. Once the deposit is received, the system takes server key and transaction hash and converts them in True/False state

If the result is:
TRUE - You win! Your account is credited with the set percentage minus 1% commission
FALSE - You lose. The set percentage is deducted from your account

How TRUE/FALSE is determined:

True/False is based on Odd/Even
A Unique Key is generated by our server before each deposit, called SERVERY KEY. The user can see the SHA256 Server Key hash before making a deposit.
Each deposit has a transaction id called TXID.
We combine the SERVER KEY and the TXID to get the final HASH.
Each symbol in the HASH has a unique digit value. We sum up all digits to get a True/False result
ASCII Characters:

 - If a player has double spend or any false deposits, any winnings and player balance will be nulled with no refund